Cap Blanc Ibiza – Lifestyle

Carlos Gilardi - The Architect

Ibiza town represents narrow streets with numerous galleries, exclusive boutiques, excellent selection of fine restaurants with Michelin star but also French or Spanish gourmet restaurants and a wide range of Oriental and European localities. There is a suitable restaurant for any occasion dining.

There is a large amount of shops, trendy, luxurious and traditional-that are open until late in the evening. In the season even after midnight. Moreover, there is the old town where you can eat and drink rich and enjoy the beautiful view over the harbor and the sea.

Culture and art are also very highly regarded in Ibiza. For thousands of years people from all cultures feel very much at home in Ibiza. Great artists and craft workers, successful businessmen, chefs, merchants with taste and travellers from around the world have created a haven on Ibiza offering comfort, exclusivity and pleasure.

“They say, it’s the lifestyle that makes Ibiza the place of unparalleled Beauty”