Domaine du Lac – The Project

Domaine du Lac

Domaine du Lac is the outcome of many years of professional experience , where a team of greatly accomplished people in all areas of financial, management, building, designing and legal matter, work together to create this magnificent residential estate.

When you enter Domaine du Lac, you are passing into the realm of sublime. The access to Domaine du Lac is secured and monitored by caretaker’s lodge located at the entrance of the property.

“Domaine du Lac is a complete private world on its own“.

The location of Domaine du Lac at the shore of lake Geneve in combination with the modern design architecture, is absolutely unique within Switzerland. The villas have been designed to meet the highest quality standards in life, with respect to the latest detail.

Each villa has 4.400 m3 of living space. Only the most elegant and sophisticated materials will be used during the construction of these 3 timeless villas.

Domaine du Lac introduces you to the world of made-to-measure, where virtually nothing is impossible to create to your own wishes. Every element can be personalized right down to the smallest element.

The villa will be designed according to your own wishes and demands, your home will reflect your character and personality.

“A work of art of unique beauty”